Greetings from Cape Cod

My most recent escape from New York led us to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He grew up spending his summers on the Cape with his family and wanted to show me how truly superior New England beaches were/are to what I had experienced in New York. 

Immediately upon arrival I noticed two things: how much personal space I had on these so-called public beaches and how breathtaking they were. Granted, those two things go hand in hand and are what any New Yorker would notice and say right away, but it bares repeating. The beaches in Truro were far more picturesque and peaceful than I imagined. At any given moment I could have taken a photo that would have worked as a postcard. All I really needed was the cliche phrase in italics on the image: Wish You Were Here

We ate scallops everyday and I had my very first clam bake, which I will remember forever. We biked the trail to Racepoint Beach in Provincetown, which was described to us as a “photographer’s dream” and did not disappoint. Though surprisingly, I did not stop on the bike ride to take any photos. I was too busy being present, which now sounds counterintuitive and kind of dumb, but when you’re in vacation mode and you’re a photographer, it’s a real thing.

Regardless, I just want to take a moment to say thank you to the universe and to my love for gifting me with so much adventure this year. I truly am thankful.

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