What is an Employer Brand?

This past May, I started a new job. If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned where I work full-time before this post, it is mostly because my full-time work isn’t and hasn’t been connected to my photo work. 

Though that isn’t exactly true.  

I’ve been doing employer branding work for the past three companies that I’ve worked for. Not sure what employer branding is? Below is my definition:

Employer branding is more than marketing your company culture to potential candidates and passive job seekers, it is creative storytelling that focuses on what makes working at your company unique. Whether that be the physical office space, the women in leadership, the work-life balance policies, the vibrant personalities of your employees, or all of the above – the main goal of employer branding is to establish a clear and cohesive visual story that spotlights what it is like to be an employee at your company.

At my previous company, I helped re-design the website and created some photo content to start to tell the story of what it was like to work there. You can view some of that work here. I also did similar work when I was at Etsy that you can view here.

Very, very soon I will be kicking off a big project and will have more photos to share. 

More updates soon! 

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